Important Directories and Contact Numbers for Vikhroli

Welcome to the Vikhroli directory page. Here you can find all the essential contact numbers for services and facilities in the Vikhroli area, covering both East and West.

Our goal is to ensure you have easy access to necessary contacts when needed. Below you will find cards that display detailed contact information for various services including municipal services, police stations, fire stations, hospitals, schools, utilities, transportation, and other important contacts

Municipal Services

BMC Ward Office, Vikhroli East: +91-22-25744114

BMC Ward Office, Vikhroli West: +91-22-25785040

Police Stations

Vikhroli Police Station (East): +91-22-25783666

Vikhroli Police Station (West): +91-22-25770888

Fire Stations

Vikhroli Fire Station: +91-22-25783663

Hospitals and Healthcare

Godrej Memorial Hospital: +91-22-66417171

Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital: +91-22-25763300

Schools and Educational Institutions

NES International School, Vikhroli: +91-22-25788880

St. Joseph's High School, Vikhroli: +91-22-25781971

Local Government and Utilities

Electricity (MSEB): +91-22-22619100

Maharashtra Natural Gas Ltd (Gas Service): +91-22-26594500


Vikhroli Railway Station (Central Railway): Enquiry - 139 (Railway Helpline)

Other Important Contacts

Local Post Office, Vikhroli East: +91-22-25782324

Local Post Office, Vikhroli West: +91-22-25780517

These directories cover essential services, healthcare, education, transportation, and government facilities in the Vikhroli area, ensuring easy access to necessary contacts when needed.

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