Our Vision

"To create inclusive and sustainable communities through holistic development, fostering equity and well-being for all in Vikhroli and beyond."


"At Vikhroli Development Association (VDA), our vision is to create thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, can access opportunities for holistic development. We aspire to build a future where equity, empowerment, and well-being are the cornerstones of vibrant societies."


"We are dedicated to empowering diverse communities by advocating for education, healthcare, livelihood opportunities, and environmental sustainability, fostering comprehensive socio-economic growth and equitable progress."


"Our mission at VDA is to spearhead transformative change by actively engaging in multifaceted initiatives spanning agriculture, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and socio-economic empowerment. We are committed to uplifting communities by advocating for human rights, fostering educational growth, advancing healthcare access, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting diverse livelihoods. Through collaborative efforts and inclusive strategies, we endeavor to address multifarious challenges, striving for comprehensive socio-economic development and fostering a sense of belonging and progress for all."

Our Mission

Empowering Vikhroli through holistic development, one initiative at a time.

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We Need Volunteers

Join hands with us to shape a brighter future for Vikhroli. Volunteer your time and skills to make a difference.

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